Sunday, May 17, 2015


So I'm in Mexico right now and don't feel like doing anything. I love relaxing and this is my chance to be free from cares for a week before real life begins. Because what my life has been up to this point has only been a small fraction of what it's really going to be like. And I honestly don't know if I'm ready to be an adult. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Haiku on Shoes

Glitter shiny plain
Shoes come in all sorts of ways 
Equality reigns 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Mixture of Man and Nature

I look around and see the mixture of man and nature. 

The ducks swim in the man made pond. People stroll through the trees and grass. 

And the mixture of man and nature I see

So should there not be then a mutual relationship between the two? Yet we feel differently. 

We hold power and our hands hold destruction.

When we create we destroy.
We destroy to create.

Because we are the top of the food chain right? So we hold the power

But nature reigned first. There was life before us and the world had a beautiful system that could adapt and mold itself so perfectly. Time after time again.

But then we came. And the world can not adapt as quickly as we destroy

We CLAIM to own the world. We claim to own every leaf, mountain, lake. We buy property and claim to have a "right" to that piece of land and do as we please with it. 

Because we hold the power?

But the world doesn't need us. We need the world. We need the world as much as a baby depends on their mother. 

I look around and see the mixture of man and nature and there's not equality of power. There shouldn't be. Yet it's tipped to the wrong side of the scale. And if we are not careful there will be no more power to hold because of 
On both sides.

We hold that destruction in our hands. Which is the only power we have and use. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dear Brooke....

Thump thump - Thump Thump - Thump Thump

Hey Brooke. Yeah, I'm talking to you. So you just need to chill for awhile ok? I mean you are not the only one that needs rest. It takes enough everyday for me to go...

Thump Thump - Thump Thump - Thump Thump

And here's the thing: I won't always be here for you. I'm essential for you. And I'm not just talking about giving you breath. I'm here for you THROUGHOUT life, in so many aspects. I'm here, ready to give you love, peace, joy, kindness. But when you ignore me I become sad, frustrated, angry, and so do you. 

Even beyond ignoring, sometimes life just happens. And it affects both of us, not just you. I'm here too. I'm here inside of you. 

Thump Thump - Thump Thump - Thump Thump

We only have a short time together. Like the sun that rises each morning, I bring light and life to you. I gave you love. 

But that sun must set each evening and one day we will part. 

And I hope with all of me that afterwards you will remember me and the lessons I taught you: how to show kindness, acting selfless, looking beyond a person's physical appearance, and most importantly (what this all encompasses): How to LOVE. 

But for now, open up to me and LEARN. 

Thump Thump - Thump Thump - Thump Thump

your Heart

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Why I Procrastinate

So yeah, hello again blog world. It's been a couple of know I'm not going to pretend I didn't post anything for awhile because I was too busy. I mean, yeah it's been crazy but I could've occasionally got on my blog. But sometimes sleep, tv and readif a good book are just way too tempting for me. So I'm going to try "catching up" the next couple of days so get ready for a flood of posts from me. Hopefully something ends up being good....

                      Why I Procrastinate

1. I've had seniorites since at least 10th grade
2. I kindof need sleep to survive: my justification for naps
3.everybodys doing it
4. Why not?
5. Watching movies is so enticing
6. I'm a teen: lazy is part of my genetics
7. My dog keeps eating my homework: jk I don't even own a dog. It's really my cat.
8. Distract....hey
9. My mind likes to wander
10. I spend too much time thinking about what I'd rather be doing 
11. Can't figure it out
12. I missed a day of school = missing 3 days of hw. I think that's how the math works. I guess I would know if I did my math hw.
13. Denial
14. Track
15. I'm addicted to it
16. I've embraced it as part of me
17. Yolo
18. How is there enough time to do it all anyways

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Big Revelation?

The Big Revelation right?
Well maybe not for this blog, because it's not the best.
It's not the coolest
or the funniest
or the most unique and creative.
But it is MY blog. It is real for me.
You might even say it is a part of me.

My pen name might fool you
I am not always Sunnyside Up
I am just like you: I have my fantastically, out-of-a-dream kind of days
and I have the days that make me feel like I'm drowning in the smoke from hell.
That's life and I'm a part of it....
I know some of you will skim through this post just looking for a name to connect with the pen name but for those of you that are interested...

Here are 10 facts about me

(p.s. I was and am still not a very photogenic person)

1. I have a semi-secret obsession with monkeys.

2. I have been an aunt since I was 3 years old.

3. I love love love playing the violin! and have been playing it since 2nd grade

4. This is probably the most epic picture I have ever been in. Just saying.

5. I have two cats, one of which my friends claim to be a Satan cat

6. I have a twin brother. Yeah I know, some of you are surprised and had no idea. I get that a lot....

7. I pole vault: it's a work in progress

8. This is probably the best selfie I have ever taken

9. I love science: want to major in Microbiology

p.s. I'm a nerd and went to a two-week science camp at the University of Michigan last summer. Hence the picture above.

10. If you couldn't tell from the facts and photos above

I am NOT Sunnyside Up

I am Brooke James